The company

Alfredo, Giovanni and Viviana Romano are the founding members of RSM (Romano Safety Management).

Eng. Alfredo, graduated in 1978 in mechanical engineering, acquires significant and qualifying experience in the ENI group in the field of risk analysis, reliability and integrated codes for the assessment of the consequences of fires, explosions and releases of toxic substances. Alfredo, in 1987, took over the management of TRR srl, contributing to corporate development as a reference for qualified Italian and foreign industrial companies; subsequently it acquires majority control. Eng. Giovanni, graduated in 2008 in chemical engineering, starts his professional activity collaborating with TRR. With the inclusion in TRR, of Eng. Viviana, graduated in 2012 in chemical engineering, also completes the generational change to guarantee family and business continuity.

Giovanni and Viviana, integrating their professional growth in risk analysis, embark on a path of diversification in the sector of computational fluid dynamics and 3D relief and modeling techniques, expanding the offer in the most proper activities of the professional role of the engineer who leads to the identification of the new RSM entity.

RSM, with the integration of diversified experiences and skills, proposes itself as the only interlocutor in the interactions between different disciplines such as risk analysis, fluid dynamics modeling, professional activity and use of advanced tools for the survey of structures, integrated with management software of point clouds and 3d modeling. RSM was established as an STP (Society of Professionals), which allows maximum flexibility, combining the advantages of a corporate capital structure with a professional structure, as a guarantee of consultancy and design with high quality levels.

Romano RSM


The aim is a more realistic identification of incidental scenarios for better definition and design of safety systems and subsequent management of training, operation, maintenance and inspections phases up to emergency management


Internal experience, specific know-how of the collaborators and latest generation digital technology work in synergy to offer an integrated and tailor-made service, which leads to the development of advanced solutions for the safety of structures and people.