RSM owns an ultra fast flight time laser scan that does not generate any kind of interference with industrial and civil environments. The ownership of the tool allows operational flexibility, according to the operational needs of the client.

The service consists of a 3D survey of industrial plants and civil buildings which, thanks to the latest generation laser technology, allows to collect all the dimensional data of the spaces affected by the simulation (buildings, plants, etc.).

Through dedicated software the scans are processed within the point cloud, returning a three-dimensional model perfectly corresponding to the environments in 1: 1 scale.

RSM will offer its customers a free plug-in to make access to the three-dimensional model data easy and immediate, with the possibility of viewing and measuring.

RSM offers an innovative service for processing laser scans in usable results using the best softwares in the sector, that boast a powerful visualization and navigation of the point cloud, the most complete in the industrial sector.

We proceed to the modeling of buildings, systems, pipes, industrial equipment of any type down to details such as carpentry, supports and bolts.

Once the 3D model is obtained, there is an infinite field of possibilities: from the extraction of plants, views and sections of the plant in "as built" format up to the obtainment of "conceptual" three-dimensional models available for engineering simulations.

Risk analysis is a process whose main stages are:

  • Risk assessment: identification of sources of potential risk, assessment of the probability or frequency of occurrence and of the consequences that can occur.
  • Risk management: assessment of the acceptability of the potential risk or the need to increase the level of safety; identification of interventions at project and operational/management level to contain the risk.
  • Risk communication: definition of a dialogue process between companies, authorities, risk analysts and the population.

RSM conducts risk analysis:

  • In the following regulatory contexts: Seveso Directive, Fire Prevention, Workplace Safety and national legislation for environmental protection
  • Integrated into safety engineering, both in the design phase and for checks on existing systems
  • For investigative and / or post-incidental purposes
  • To support safety and work management systems

The analysis techniques used are manifold: Historical analysis, Hazid, Hazop, What If, Tree of Events, Tree of Faults, Estimation of Consequences through empirical models, integrals or by advanced numerical analysis.

RSM uses risk analysis to identify the reference scenarios in the context of advanced numerical simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamic):

  • Fire safety engineering (FSE) in accordance with the Italian fire prevention legislation (Fire Prevention Code) and international codes
  • Dispersion of fluids, fires and explosions
  • Exodus of people in emergency conditions and rescuers' behavior
  • Analysis of natural events ("NaTech")

RSM offers an advanced and innovative integrated design service:

  • Planning, control and security management with BIM approach (or model)
  • BIM in the design and construction of fire prevention systems
  • BIM applied to the safety of buildings and industrial plants
  • Service network modeling and reliability analysis: nitrogen, fire prevention, sewerage, electricity network, compressed air
  • Fire prevention and security systems (gas detectors, sprinkler systems, water barriers)
  • Design of water barriers or water blades
  • Sworn appraisals
  • Fire asseveration pursuant to fire prevention legislation
  • Certifications and tests in accordance with current legislation
  • Test using laserscan
  • Structural analysis and stress analysis of plants


The know-how of engineers, experts in dispersion fluid dynamics and fire, 3D CAD technicians and safety specialists, allows the prediction of the thermal and structural conditions resulting from a fire or other dangerous events that can involve man, environment and buildings and industrial assets. RSM works from survey to advanced simulation.

RSM's innovative tools and skills allow us to guarantee an articulated and complete service, which combines all aspects of safety and environmental consultancy.
We directly manage industrial risk analysis, fire design, certifications for the fire engineering sector, advanced simulations for risk analysis


The intervention of RSM allows to speed up and make more precise the risk analysis of companies and industries, as well as to digitize and update old models so far available only in paper version.

The simulations offer decisive support in safety assessments. Thanks to 3D geometry it is easier and faster to intervene in the design phase and during HSE checks.

The simulations on three-dimensional modeling are useful for the training of plant operators and lighten the management of the documentation.


RSM owns cutting-edge equipment to perform:

  • Latest generation laser scanner compliant with IEC (Class 1) standards with a maximum distance of 120 m
  • Latest generation drone for photogrammetry
  • Georadar for surveying underground pipes
  • Total station for the creation of large polygonal topographic networks
  • Portable type of ultrasonic flowmeter for the latest generation of liquids
  • Advanced instrumentation for localization of reinforcement in concrete, measurement of concrete cover
  • Advanced software for the management of point clouds and 3d modeling exportable in "cad" formats for both civil and industrial environments
  • Hardware with multicore processes to allow the rapid resolution of numerical CFD models