Safety analysis with CFD modeling for an italian petrochemical plant

Safety analysis with CFD modeling for an italian petrochemical plant


Romano Safety Management has been entrusted by the engineering of the most prestigious petrochemical company in Italy of a computational fluid dynamics simulation with very high technological content.

As part of the project for the construction of a new plant, it was necessary to analyze the transient behavior of a discharge into the atmosphere of a flammable substance mixed with steam and with entrainment of solid substance.

The safety analysis was carried out to verify the impacts of the fall on the ground of the solid part entrained within the flammable mixture as well as the trajectories generated in space.

The CFD software licensed by RSM has allowed to simulate 2 hypotheses of particle size of the Gaussian distribution of solid particle size.

The analysis was carried out with a "transient" approach, modeling the gas outflow and assessing the distribution over time of the concentration of dangerous substances as well as the "one way" type interaction with the solid particles entrained by the gaseous release.

The fluid dynamic approach used for turbulence was the k-ω (k-epsilon) model, typical for industrial applications, as it is stable and robust numerically.

The images show on a black and white background a front view of the trajectories taken by the particles for two cases of wind speed.

In the color images the respective speed fields for the simulated wind speed cases.